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Robin Hood Case Questions
Robin Hood
1. The organizations original mission is revenge. The mission should be evolved into "rob from the rich- give to the poor," because that is the main reason the Merrymen were formed and gathered like-minded men who wanted to rob from the rich and give to the poor. It is hard to decide to change the mission statement and to what. Many aspects will have to be taken into consideration. However, the mission statement should be changed to something that more of Robin Hood's followers can relate to rather than a mission for one man.
2. The Merrymen's success and growth has led to a widespread willingness on the part of the lesser off public to join his band. More people have meant less control. Robin now has to rely on others to inform him about the men because he has trouble keeping track of them. Some he doesn't even know. The operation within the group needs to be changed or they will not survive. More people need more supplies, and no one will stay with the band if they aren't provided with basic needs such as food and shelter. Safety is also an issue as the band grows, because their size may give their exact location away.
3. Yes, Robin should change the strategy. It has been 2 years that the group has been fighting the sheriff and the old strategy doesn't fit. The Sheriff's army has grown in strength and the Merrymen have increased in size. Furthermore, less people are traveling through the forests, because of the fear of being robbed by the Merrymen. This again dwindles the available resource. Perhaps Robin should consider the Barons offer if they can be trusted.
4. The band does need a new organization structure as a result of the"1leed for discipline and knowing and trusting those in the group. The most appropriate change in structure would poss ...
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Starbucks coffee

The Starbucks coffee shop on Sixth Avenue and Pine Street in down Seattle sits serene and orderly, as unremarkable as any other in the chain bought 15 years ago by entrepreneur Howard Schultz. A little less than three years ago, however, the quiet storefront made front pages around the world. During the world Trade Organization talks in November,1999,protester flooded Seattle’s streets, and among their targets was Starbucks, a symbol, to them, of free-market capitalism run amok, another multinational out to blanket the earth. Amid the crowds of protesters and riot police were black-masked anarchists who trashed the store, leaving its windows smashed and its tasteful green-and-white décor smelling of tear gas instead of espresso. Says an angry Schulz: ”It’s hurtful. I think people are ill-informed. It’s very difficult to protest against a can of Coke , a bottle of Pepsi, or a can of Folgers. Starbucks is both this ubiquitous brand and a place where you can go and break a window...

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